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Math Homework Help (Rounding)?

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Round your answer to three decimal places. Round your answer to three decimal places Price of the Assuming semiannual compounding, what is the price of a zero coupon bond with Find both the -intercept and the -intercept of the line given by the equation 8.

Price of the Find both the -intercept and the -intercept of the line given by the equation 8. You can ask any homework questions ,and many teachers will help you to answer it: Edit Summary Briefly describe the changes you have made: Is less writing necessarily a good thing? Your child may have no intention of becoming a farmer. Perhaps even having a garden as an adult is unlikely. Still, as students around the country are learning, when schools add farming to the school day, students benefit in numerous ways.

How to Write Decimals Like fractions, decimals can express amounts that are less than one. Here are a few more examples: Here are some other examples: These are additional examples: Here are a few examples: Did you find this useful? If so, please let others know! Online and in-center tutoring One on one tutoring Every Huntington tutor is certified and trained extensively on the most effective teaching methods.

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Adding to place value is decimals. Since the number system includes numbers other than just whole numbers, there needs to be a way to express those. Decimals make place value decrease and help us to express numbers as small as we can make them. Following a decimal the place values decreases towards the right by tenths, so the values look like this: So the number we would usually read as twenty five point six four five would be written as When your child needs to write a number that has a value less then one, a zero is placed in the ones place before the decimal.

Since decimals can go on forever, your child will learn the concept of rounding off. This is a type of estimating and depending on the number can either be rounding up or down. First, your child needs to figure out which place value they need to end the number at. If the number to the right of it is 5 or above, your child will round the number up. If the number to the right is the below a five, your child will leave the number as it is. Your child can also round off whole numbers exactly the same way.

An example would be The concept of place value is one of the most important skills in math to master. Your child will continue to use this skill in and outside of school. Helping them learn it now will help them learn other math skills later.

Before you can advance to more complex levels of math like algebra you have to master the order of operations. Read on to learn the simple steps involved in completing ordered operations math problems. This article provides tips for working your way through math problems with several steps.

How to Write Decimals

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Homework Help: Writing Decimals In 5th grade, students typically learn to write decimals with up to three places. Keep reading to learn more about this important elementary math skill!

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Sep 21,  · I need help on my homework. 1. What word is said when you reach the decimal point in a number? Is it the suffix "th"? 2. If a dollar bill is one whole, what part of a dollar is a dime?Status: Resolved. On help left of the decimal homework is a whole number such as As fractions move further and, every place gets 10 times bigger. As we move further right, every decimals .

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