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They also developed a scientific approach to their work, they were innovative and they questioned earlier beliefs when these were mistaken. This helped to stimulate new learning and advance scientific and other knowledge. Literacy was highly valued with men and women expected to learn to read Arabic so that they could understand the teachings of the Koran. The spread of literacy and the development of new technologies such as paper making and a simplified script meant that new ideas could reach a wider audience.

Islamic art and design flourished during this period. Complex geometric designs involving tessellating shapes adorned floors and ceilings. Developments in ceramics and glazes led to the production of beautiful pottery. Exquisite calligraphy decorative handwriting was used for communication and ornamentation. Beautiful gardens with water features brightened and cooled the city. The modern hospital has its origins in the Muslim hospitals of this period. These treated all patients without charge and provided them with accommodation until they were cured.

Studies of anatomy led to the development of surgical innovations , such as the use of cat gut to sew up wounds and the scalpel, that are still in use today. The study of the eye was particularly advanced with doctors able to perform effective cataract operations.

There was also some attempt to treat mental illnesses. Astronomy flourished during the period with the minarets of mosques serving as early observatories. The need for accurate calendars and almanacs was driven by the need to determine the timing of prayers.

Improvements in navigation were important for determining the direction of Mecca. One of the most important scientific instruments of the period was the astrolabe , a multi-purpose device for measuring angles or gradients. It could be used to calculate latitude and hence the positions of stars and planets, to work out the time and for surveying land.

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Why was Baghdad important?

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