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Help me find someone (child, friend, sister, old)

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Thank you very much.. Hello Cjusanc, You can go to: Her name is listed there. I think it is probably Oak Forest, Il That search is free! Hello my name is rosie and i am trying to find my father is name is mark ellis,and he use to live in the uk can anyone help me. I have no idea if he still lives there, or where in germany he lives so pretty stuck when it comes to searching.

You may get better results if you start your own thread and list the persons name in the subject. Hello to all, I am looking for my lost sister her name is Emily she would proubly be You see we have the same birth father. Our birth farthers name is Joepsh Combs hes in his early 40s. He lives in Taylor Michigan. I am 17 and i recently found out about both of them when i was I was trying to get child support and i needed to know about joes health issues because unforenttly i have kidney issues and when i found out about him he told me about emily i have no way of getting ahold oh him because he has no number i would love to meet emily its one of my goals in life!

If anyone can help me Share your thoughts with us on tons of topics. This analytical aptitude test assesses inductive and deductive reasoning skills. Verbal and quantitative reasoning skills are important in business decision making and IT Do you listen to your intuition or gut instinct? All the time Most of the time Sometimes Rarely Never. September 14, - Welcome Guest! Type A Personality Test.

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. Most of the time. I think I am depressed. I feel like there is no point in my life anymore. I am sick and tired of my crappy life Can you give me some tips not to be depressed?

Please help me and email me back. Janet, I know nothing about your family, where you live, how you were treated as a little child, what pressures there are on you.

I am just guessing that your life is no worse than that of millions of other teenagers. So, what I write may not fit, but chances are it will. Depression is sort of a monster. It sits inside your head and whispers things to you. When Depression speaks, it feels like the thoughts were your own. In fact, you are ahead of me: So I just suffered.

And because I suffered, I became a better person. I am a psychologist and help people like you, because I have been terribly depressed myself. You can choose to do something similar. Start now to steer your life towards being someone who can help others to fight their problems.

That will give you an aim in life, a purpose, a reason for living. How did I fight my Depression? All by my lonely self, I invented a method that I later found to be very similar to something called Cognitive Therapy. Scientists have studied the way Depression affects people, and have developed this method -- and I had done the same for myself.

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Find Someone For Free - Now you can find someone free by Name, Address, Email, SSN, Birthday, Phone Numbers, Country and more at not charge at all. Tweet. How to Find Someone For Free - No Charge. Birthdates also help when looking for people. Additional Information. If you want to. With all the new websites available to help you find someone online, people are finding surprising tidbits of information about their coworkers, loved ones, and friends that often don't turn up in a simple web search.

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If You Can't Find It, They Probably Can't Either Not all information is necessarily online. If, after exhausting every tutorial here and enlisting the expertise of more knowledgeable searchers, in addition to consulting state/federal guidelines, you're not able to find what you're searching for, the chances are high that a computer-generated script robot will . There are numerous sites on the Internet and search engines that can be used to help find people on the Internet. Below are some of the different sites and methods of locating someone online. Note: Most of these services work best for finding someone that is alive.