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The Goat Locker CPO Deck Log August 1999 Part 1


❶A new way to say hello". During which time he learned to play the blues, picking guitar on street corners for loose change before eventually winding up living in Norway where he recorded his debut album, Cheap, with Swedish band The Level Devils.

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To all my classmates, get in touch! For those who remember, I had the honour of having my mother as school secretary. As it turned out I never really left St Laurence. I met my wife in the home of the Marianists.

We were married by Fr Richard and Fr Mike in and all 4 of our children attended the school. I did a short stint on the parents committee but honestly I was always rubbish at committees.

One proud moment since I left was to see my son receive the David McCully award. My lasting memory is of a place where education was more important than books, where the spirit of bringing young people to fulfil their potential was the most important thing.

The Bazaar and the Charity Walks. And then there was Frank McGuinness and the famous grunt. I was in the building in about standing in the lobby I heard Frank give that grunt, as loud as ever and I confess I froze. Just for a moment. I run a training business now and also do some work with secondary schools. It struck me recently talking to a group that I no longer actually know anyone from the year group and that that is rather sad.

So where are you all now? Perhaps a reunion for 30 years? Anyone up for that? I have often wondered over the last few years, was there one arranged that I missed?

I am trying to match the photos with the names and doing reasonably ok — I think! Trying to pick myself out is harder. Going back to the reunion, if I can help in any way I would be delighted to. I went to college in Roslyn Park to do Secretarial and Computer Studies, then changed jobs a couple of times. I worked for the Centre for Independent Living for several years. It was really interesting and enjoyable work, so enjoyable that I married one of my bosses, Michael is one of the founding members.

So I now work for the Revenue Commissioners and hope too for the next 30 — 40 years. I would be pleased to hear from others. I was delighted to come across the website and in particular the past pupils pages. I was the hippie looking guy dressed in long hair and a long army coat. You may also remember my older brother, Tim who graduated in 76 and my parents, Kevin and Aoife Crowley owners of the Magic Carpet Pub in Corneslcourt.

I made our home in a medium-sized town called Petaluma in the north bay area, Sonoma County. To pay the bills have a small software company and, in , to feed the soul I opened a cafe, a Californian version of an Irish Pub aquscafe. Otherwise I have a French wife and two young teenage boys both skaters , two cats and dog and a 3 minute commute.

Fond memories of the that wonderful Christmas Bazaar and the 10 mile walk? I lived in Shankill most of the time but had to move to Willow Grove in Wicklow in 6 th year. Within weeks of finishing school I left Ireland and worked in England and Europe. In I got itchy feet again and came to South Africa where I have been ever since. I married Jo Anne no kids yet but lots of fun trying. We live in Durban. I have and electrical contracting business.

We work across South Africa — keeps me out of mischief. It would be great to hear from you. Is anyone organizing a class re-union? I moved to London working for Architectural firms. I met my husband there and we returned to Ireland in We have 4 beautiful chidren: Daniel 15, Douglas 11, Olivia 5 and Lorna 3.

I am now working from home in County Wicklow, for a large architectural firm and tending to my growing family. I would love to get in touch with some of the old crowd and hope to attend the reunoin on the 9th of September. Please feel free to post my note on the class page and to include me in the directory. I really enjoyed my time at St. I am really enjoying my studies and hope to teach English in a Secondary School in Algeria when I have completed my degree.

Great web site, I came across it recently. I have lost contact with all but a few people. All the family are well and happy with our lot in life. We visit Ireland probably every couple of years. Hope all is well at the school. I met Thomas in moved to Ashbourne, Co. Meath and married in I have two beautiful boys Calum nearly 3 and Joe 14mths. In January last year we moved back to Killiney.

Trekking across that M50 was torture. Moran is also a member. Since leaving the College, I have worked in the localization industry as a project manager for six years. I worked in Freight Logistics and am now working in the Cosmetic Industry.

I bought a house in Carlow and lived there for a while. I have been working in the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, as a medical secretary for the past 8 years! I am pleased to say that I love the job as it is very rewarding. Sonya Bailey and I are trying to organise a reunion as it is now 10 years since we left.

I would be only delighted to hear from my classmates. How strangely delightful and sad to find this web site. That period of my life was extremely difficult for me. I suffered from chronic depression and had severe learning disabilities at the time. Most of the names are familiar, some names are even accompanied by vague images. A very few such as Derek and Danny Kelly were very close friends. And a few people have died. Reading these names certainly invokes a cauldron of long forgotten memories.

I recall many of my teachers. Some were kind and patient and others were masters in the bizarre art of corporal punishment, patrolling the campus armed with a strange arsenal of perverse and creative forms of physical torture and personal humiliation. I wish I could remember some of the instructors whose knowledge and patience truly affected me positively.

The names are gone forever but I have somehow retained a surprising amount of knowledge from my time at the College.

It was a pretty good school — with only a few bad apple in the staff. My attendance at St Laurence was abruptly terminated without explanation by one of the staff members. I have often wondered why — but I suppose I was a poor student and most likely a bad influence on my peers. After being discharged from school I worked at a petrol station in Sandymount pumping petrol and repairing punctures. I dreamed of a return to the US — where my family was originally from. I became engaged to a lovely girl.

We returned to Ireland and made plans to move to the US where my siblings offered to help us get started. We found ourselves in California where my wife worked as a pre-school teacher and I found work in the oilfields. We had a son in I went through a wide array of occupations from armored car driver to crafting artificial limbs to writing to photography and more.

Despite my artistic predisposition most of my experience was industrial. I worked as a machinist and tool maker for many years before I decided to realize my true invocation as an artist. I finally returned to college to earn a degree in graphic design. Having fully immersed myself in the arts, I took it one step further and began composing classical music.

I also completed a 2 year apprenticeship in falconry. Many of the demons which haunted me during my time at St Laurence still follow me around. But I have found a pretty decent existence filled with art, nature, music and the richness of life. I sincerely hope all my mates from my childhood have grown and flourished and I wish them the best of luck. I would love to take advantage of any facilities available through this site or through school directories to contact people or make my contact info available.

Learn more about Rob and his work from his website: Best wishes to all at the College. How time has flown….. I then went travelling around Europe for a time, and went to London in intending to stay for 6 months. I stayed for 20 years, and worked as a Tax Consultant in the City for most of that time. I married and had one daughter who is 12 , but am now divorced.

I am now working in Ballsbridge as a Tax Consultant for a firm of Accountants and live in Leopardstown. I would like to set up my own small accountancy and tax practice working from home some time in the future. I am really looking forward to the reunion next year, and catching up with everybody. Thanks Lonan for setting up what looks to be a great night!!!

I ran into Lonan about 10 years ago and we had a great time and a good few jars talking about the old days and old friends!! I have been in New York since and come home fairly regularly, but usually for short trips. Looking at the names on the list, the memories come flooding back.

Ross Chadwick — the biggest guy ever to play rugby for St. Singing in the back of Mr. The fun we had in Irish class with Mr. Table tennis after school — Dave Mackey you never beat me!

Lonan combing his hair 15 times a day!. Paul Moore trying to cross a ball!! Better stop now before I get into trouble. Great times and lots of fun and looking forward to more of the same on Feb 24th !. Fabulous idea — the site. I hope it goes from strength to strength and brings old friends closer together — and brings back fond memories for all. Best regards and God bless. I happened to call into a doctor friend of mine and the receptionist said she knew me from St Laurence.

Her name was Anne-Marie Mahon. She told me about the site and I decided to make contact. I remember my time at the school with great affection and wished it could be done again. Just passed the big 50 this year and live in Shankill, married to Rachel and two boys in tow. They are now 19 and I myself am the Sales and Marketing Director of Irish Abrasives, a holding company for many constituent companies in the hardware, engineering and motor factoring trades.

Anyway enough for now. My best to all. I really miss my college days!!!! I have lived here since I was 16 years old. I am working for Irish Rail in the Human Resources Department in our Head Office, a very rewarding career and a far cry from the aisles of Tesco where I started out after school. My daughter has just sat her entrance exam for the college last Saturday, December 3rd. Laurence College, as it served myself and my brothers and sisters very well. It was great to find this site and hopefully more people will discover it and get in touch.

Meath for the last 10 years. We have three children: Dean 6yrs and twins Blake and Wesley. Lost contact with Mandy Byrne, and Emer Cronin 9 years ago. It would be great to hear how everyone is. Just a quick note to say hello to all in the college who remember me. It was great to see Anne-Marie there Which brought back some fond memories.

The heat nearly killed me that night as the audience watched quietly for what seemed an eternity. I also recall Mr. I had great times in school although like most refused to acknowledge it while there. I hope to meet up with the past pupils again and would like to take this opportunity to welcome Anne-Marie back home. Look forward to hearing from all soon. What a fantastic idea.

I will definitely make the trip over for this, I barely recognise myself, let alone anyone else! I have been married to my wife Lucy for 10 years, have twin boys, Luke and Aidan aged 3 AND have another set of twins arriving in August.

He will be very sadly missed by his loving wife, sons, mother Marie, brothers, sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives and a large circle of friends. Reposing at his home. Funeral immediately after 10am requiem mass to Deans Grange Cemetery. Family flowers only please. Greetings to you, Brother Jim and all who may or may not remember me.

I finally got an email from Anne Marie Mahon and it looks like a reunion is being organised for I hope to attend. I will give you a little update of what I am doing. Living in NYC for 24 years now but a very regular visitor home to Killiney where my parents are still alive and causing trouble. I also became a clinical instructor for new nurses for the Columbia University nursing program.

I left the USA in to spend 9 months in Burundi working in charge of a hospital in a rural area near the border of Tanzania. This was a calm and wonderful mission which opened up my life to even more possibilities and compassion. The rebels decided to attack the capital just after I left. I believe I probably had something to do with this event. As you can tell I have not lost my sense of humour, although I wonder if I ever had one.

I am now back in NYC and preparing to advance my career in a new direction. I am healthy and happy and proud to be a nurse practitioner. I am 45 years old, and I often feel like about Thanks for everything you all did for me.

Although looking back I feel like I was barely formed as a person even in to my twenties and thirties. I do believe that St. I would certainly be interested in sharing my experience with MSF doctors without borders with the current pupils if you were interested. The third of four Fitzpatricks to attend the college.

I was one of Bro. We built up some relationships in that time — friendships I will always have!! I see Caroline and Cathy and Glenn Perry a lot. I love bumping into old school friends catching up with the gos.

We all live 10 minutes away from each other, except Jennifer who lives in Wales. I met Linda and Suzanne Byrne at my 30th last year, they were interested in a reunion also. Good luck Dermot for September. See you all at the reunion. My wife Monica is a nurse working with children on the autistic spectrum. We have a son, Christopher, who is seven years old and in 2nd class and preparing for his Holy Communion.

Apart from housework, school runs, more housework, and driving Christopher to his many sports clubs. I also do a lot of writing. In that ever changing Loughlinstown there is still one beacon of circular stability! I had the pleasure of meeting Ms O Shea in Heuston Station a while back she looked fantastic and she told me about the web site.

I have spent several hours going through all the messages on it. I have been with my husband Alan for 15 years and got married 4 years ago. We are currently buying a house in Arklow, just waiting on the builders to finish up!!! It would be lovely to hear how all the teachers are doing too! I hope everyone is doing well. I am very lucky to be in a job I love, which is working for a dance company running the office, and I also teach Salsa part time.

It took me a long time to get to here, doing a few jobs until finding Salsa. Nice to see the site. Requiem Mass tomorrow Tuesday to St. Irish Independent October 31st 05 — [Oct. I got an email about the past-pupils page. What a nice idea! Those names are such a blast from the past! I left the college about half-way through 6th year I was always sensible like that.

I went to Denmark for a few months. Then I lived in England for a couple of years. In I had my first daughter, Robyn. Robyn later attended the college for three years. I have to say it was strange being around the school as a parent!! Happily, I later met Shane and we have been together for nearly 10 years now. We have a little boy called Jack who is just 4. We bought a house in Portarlington, Co. Offaly, 2 years ago. Shane and I got married in June of this year.

We have really made it our home. I now work with my brother Steven. He runs his own online jewellery business. I now run my own online Jewellery business, specializing in Wedding Rings and fine Celtic jewellery. I also work as a Localization Consultant for multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec. My bio can be viewed on my site at http: If there is anything I can do to assist the college in any way, you need only ask.

The sporting activities that I engaged in as a student have given way to my musical adventures in recent years. My dream of playing at Lansdowne Road for an International match came true , but only with a guitar strapped around me. As a member of the Ballad group, Gypsy Lacey we play at the Rugby matches at the ground.

We have toured the UK, Europe and the U. It is simple but hard to quantify and define but has sustained us in the highs and lows that life throws at you and costs nothing. Long may it remain and continue to grow. I am married to Nicola for the last 12 years who I have been with since my school days. We have three great kids: Callum 7, Riain 3 and Amy 11 months — so life is busy, but good. I would love to hear about the reunion and I would be happy to help where I can.

That was a lifetime ago. There were two pre-fabs — one each side of the gate. McGuinness is there in his black robe and a leather strap putting the fear of God in us; Mr. Heaney, a young blond, then driving an orange MG; Bro. Bob Kelly Uncle Al and ex-U. Navy, a lovely gentleman from New York City whose stories I will remember forever — and also his baking of strawberry pies, so good!

Fred came too, to build the new school, although I think John Sisk gave him some assistance. I remember sitting in the pre-fabs on top of the hill, watching as a crane lowered the circular steel band into place to connect all the beams around the dome in the library — only for the engineers to find out that it was too small.

There was a long delay as it came from Germany , I think. As the building progressed, with construction on-going, Bro. Fred brought students into B1 and B2 to do Woodwork classes. Imagine the fun Health and Safety would have with that sort of thing today. So much is different today. In the old days, you could walk around the corridor in either direction; no female students to distract you from your work and you had corporal punishment. That strap hurt, I know, but it did no harm.

As time went on, I met and married Sandra, my present wife that will keep her on her toes. We have 3 children: Robert Owen and Karen — all past-pupils of St. Robert RobG is a radio broadcaster and DJ. They all did their studies and passed their Leaving Certs. I live in Shankill with my family and have maintained contact with the Marianist Community since we first met in The Prayer Room is unbelievable: How it was done I do not know.

The building as a whole is a credit to Bro. Fred, Alan Kelly and all the crew who now maintain it. Gerry are past-pupils, while Bro. Jim are part of the furniture.

A lot of teachers I knew retired: Laurence College does to you: Fred, Jim and Gerry and Frs. Bob Flaherty, and the Spanish Marianists: Carpentero — the list goes on and on, just like me. To all at the College and St. My life is richer for having known you.

God willing, in , a Golden Jubilee will be celebrated and I hope to see you there. I have just had a look at the past pupils list and have remembered people almost forgotten. It is a tough time for them tougher than it was for us, I think. My years at St. One teacher better not mention names gave us the choice of writing an English essay or joining a protest outside the US embassy against the Vietnam War.

It certainly seemed to work for my son — he challenges everything! All the best [Nov. I am looking into other things and I have a year to decide what I want to do. The tournament was a wonderful experience for me and I saw the amount of work that goes into the hosting of events and football matches even at Under level.

As my internship finished, a permanent position became available, I applied, got the job and started in the Football Development Division on July 3. My memories of St. I have spent 9 years as a betting shop manager for Paddy Power and loved every minute of it until it became hard work to which I am not accustomed as you would know from my school days.

I really enjoy my time there as it is great not having to work for a living. I occasionally bump into some of my old school mates,. These encounters are always filled with laughter as we talk of the antics we got up to. It may also be noted that these meeting always occur in pubs. That lot were always fond of a Jar. Please pray for the girl — we are together 6 years and she still accepted my proposal. If anyone would dare to get us lot together again for a reunion I would love to hear about it.

Some of the stories will never die and will always bring a smile. Kind regards to all. He will be very sadly missed by his loving wife, sons, daughters, father, mother, brothers, sisters and all his family and friends. Just letting you know that all the help from Father Mike helped me get to were I am today, I hope all the pupils who attend his computer classes realise the potential they can unlock.

IRL [Oct. I am married 7 years to my husband, Alan and have two children. I took up hairdressing when I left school and worked full time in the trade until I had my children. I live in Bray and work part time now. Returning I worked for nearly twenty years in the same job!! I am living locally in Ballybrack with my son. I would love to get in contact with the rest of the gang in my year!!

After almost three years I left Jersey and did a round-the-world trip, meeting along the way, some past pupils of the college in the outback! In I returned home and worked in the HR Department of a large financial institution. Cavan and I am currently working in an accounts office in Meath, managing the payroll for a large company. I am still in regular contact with the close friends I made in St. And for those I am not in contact with, I hope you are all healthy and happy.

Hi to all my classmates. It has been 24 years since I left St. Last Friday I met Bro. Jim in the school. Just being there, it brought a lot of memories back. Since leaving school I went to work in the Burlington Hotel as a waitress. Sadly in June this year I was made redundant. What a great website Bro. Wicklow — April 24, , after a short illness, sadly missed by all his family, relatives and friends.

Sincere thanks to the staff at St. If anyone hears of a reunion or if any would like to get in touch please do. I have been meaning to check out the website for the last two years and have only got down to it now.

Great to see the old and new photos. I pass the school very often as I live locally and often wonder has it changed much inside and do they still run the bazaars. As i was enjoying some success i was hoping this would be my full time career. I met my wife Sharon from Letterkenny Nov. I still enjoy cycling competitively and leisurely road or mountain bike. Play some indoor football. Its a very good website and great to see articles from the old classmates. Hope i can make the next reunion or event at the old school.

I spent 8 years in total working in the criminal courts as a Stenographer and had a truly fantastic experience and I had a wonderful time over in London, which I consider a second home now. I returned at the end of to Dublin and now work as a Legal Executive in a criminal law firm based near the Four Courts. Actually I became aware of the website a while back, must have been in or I make my living teaching English to adults, most of whom are employed in jobs where they have to acquire, or at least maintain, a decent level of English.

Through this I get to know a variety of people some of them real characters! Most of the time I enjoy it. Now and again I correct translated texts, or translate small parts of websites from German to English.

Before Hungary , I had over 8 years in Germany , followed by a year back at home in Dublin I get home on family visits every Christmas and one or two other times during the year.

I attended their wedding, which was held in Munich , Germany. Until I knew where Ciaran Harrington was and had kept up the friendship. My next visit home: You may not remember me, the only thing that might remind you was that I was a troublesome little thing who smoked and I was constantly late and on playground paper duty.

I left the school with no exams taken and had to go back to college in my twenties I was probably only emotionally ready for it then. I am forty-three now and have three children, Emir, married, Calvin and Olivia Jane I also have three wonderful grandchildren plus one wee one on the way. Emir is Miss Ireland I am sadly divorced, my marriage was annulled this year but I remain on good terms with my former husband. I live in Belfast, and became a social worker. I work with the Travelling Community, as a childcare coordinator and develop services to support Traveller children through education.

They are wonderful kids. I love my work. I am studying part time towards a H dip in Counselling and will hopefully work in that field later on. I became a Christian three years ago.

My journey to faith was a long and painful one but I am so grateful to our God who transformed my life from a very mediocre existence into something that has meaning and peace. I attend Clonard monastery for Mass and pastoral support. In the last couple of years I have been involved in an ecumenical movement there called the Unity Pilgrims, I have made some wonderful friends through it.

I have very fond memories of St. I enjoyed my time there. The Brothers were kind, good natured and respectful, something I did not always appreciate at the time. I drove by the school a couple of months ago and was struck at how small it looked. It seemed vast back then.

Mayo with his family on April 20th, He bore his illness with remarkable patience. Stephen had married for the second time only three years ago. His wife Deirdre nursed him with great love and care. Stephen leaves a beautiful daughter from his first marriage, Ana, who together with Deirdre, cared for him in the final stages of his illness.

Stephen was a deeply spiritual man. He studied scholastic philosophy with a great passion and had tremendous reverence for the Eucharist. From the onset of his illness Stephen chose an alternative course of treatment and was as committed to healing and growing as he was to every other challenge he took on.

Stephen was deeply loved and respected by his brothers John, Michael, Aidan and Pearse and his sisters, Jennifer and Jane, his sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law. As siblings, we did not always agree, fell in and out, wrote long challenging missives to one another and occasionally sat up discussing life, the universe and God till the small hours, often accompanied by his favorite tipple, Jack Daniels!

God but he could talk! He was an exacting man, a perfectionist who sometimes expected far too much of himself. He was a committed family man. It feels like a large section of our family has been amputated. I had the pleasure of sitting with him a few days before he died. He was smiling, gave me a warm hug and spoke about his hopes for a remission.

He never lost hope. It took me two runs at the high-jump to get over it. Since then I have been very blessed in my life. Have moved around a bit in the career going initially into insurance, then moving to the food industry and then into IT. I now have a management consulting company with a couple of colleagues. Sitting down the back with Ferdia Butler, each as confused as the other as to what was going on. There are so many people that I would love to see and talk with again.

Looking through the years, I am also shocked to see so many people who will no longer be able to exchange memories. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. Following school I took an English degree at Trinity College. On graduation, desperate to avoid making an honest living, I enrolled for two years in art college. There I discovered I was way too talented and important to become an employee of any kind, so signed on for the Bohemian lifestyle and social assistance. One year later I was more than ready to lose myself in the 9 to 5 world of earned income.

In the Dublin of the mid 80s work was not exactly thick on the ground but I found my way gradually into the art and book worlds. Presently I live in New York , my home of the last 13 years.

I work in the rare and art books field, selling hard to trace visual reference titles. In years past I have been fitfully involved with writing on the arts for various periodicals and catalogues, and authored a book on Irish first names. But enough about me. What got me searching online for St. Laurence College contacts was a wish to get in touch with my old art teacher, Ita Nelson. Googling her name was how I got to this site. I want to drop her a letter of appreciation. I was a somewhat withdrawn and shy pupil at St.

I would be really grateful if you have a contact address or email for her so I could drop a word. Great to hear back from you so quickly after making contacting.

We have three children Zachary is seven, Oscar two, and Tilly, our youngest, three months. I work in the office for Tesco, doing the books Anne McCarry would be surprised to hear that. All her hard work paid off for me. The rest of the family is doing very well. Just wondering if there are any classmates out there from who would like to get together — seeing as we are 20 years older this year — anyone interested?

I have three boys aged 8, 7 and 5 — needless to say they occupy most of my time. What a fantastic website. I had only been talking to Ronan Kelly and Simon Holmes about their reunion the day before. Well, after leaving school I went to college for 2 years. It was fantastic and I actually went in everyday— surprise, surprise! After a year I was offered a job by Coty U. It was brilliant — out and about all day, not stuck in-doors any more.

Then a friend of mine who owns Bourjois Cosmetics in Ireland asked me to manage his brand, which I did for nearly 5 years. I then returned to Coty for a year-and-a-half. Then lucky for me, Eurosales International, the company I am with now, approached me and asked if I would manage all their brands for them.

I absolutely love it. I am back living at home in Killiney at the moment, as I plan to start building a house next summer. After I left school, I did a secretarial course in Haddington Road. I worked for several companies before my marriage to Ken in We have three children, Leanne 14 , Kevin 12 and Jill 8. While out there I had a spinal fusion done, which took me permanently out of the work force, and made me a full time mum, which I love. In we moved to Athenry, where we now live. I love the west of Ireland.

Keep up the good work, everyone, love to hear from anyone who would like to get in touch!! I am now 42 years old and last summer after rearing my family I took the plunge and went back to school to do my Leaving Cert.

Already it has opened up a whole new world to me and the opportunities for mature students is just amazing. Also I would be willing to come in and have a chat with the current students to offer my support to them and tell them my story if it would benefit or encourage them to stay on in school.

Redmond, I urge you to consider opening up our school to us, the past pupils, with some night courses or indeed full time day education and bring our school into the next era and chapter in St. Thirty years is a long time. Yet we all have memories and stories that we can remember.

I look forward to some of those stories being re-told next year at the reunion. After 30 years we will all have a few more stories to tell. I must have been paying attention the second time round as I got enough points to get into Engineering at Trinity in Their parties in Ailesbury Road were legendary.

De Beers, the South African diamond mining company, came to Dublin to recruit engineers and geologists. I liked the idea of working outside of Ireland for a few years and so off I went. Despite the isolation, the work experience and friendships gained were invaluable.

Cape Town was a mile round trip but the trip was made regularly between finishing work on Friday afternoon and starting again on Monday morning! In I moved to Johannesburg. I got more involved in project engineering and management, while still in the mining industry.

That work took me all over Africa. At present I am working for a Canadian junior mining company starting up a new Copper Cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is not the easiest place to do business. There are no ATMs, you cannot use a credit card, and nobody wants to take a cheque. Married life has been a bit like my school life. I married Camilla, a Cape Town lass, in May of this year. I have no intention of repeating again!

I have to say I have fond memories of the years spent at St. Then there was the famous pre-debs held in Ziggys, enough said….. I was always into music and photography and after I left school, I stuck at it. My photography work has been used in many Irish publications and in The Irish Times.

I would love to see how everybody is doing and fair play to Aisling Hickey to get the ball rolling! I have a lot of pictures from 2nd year onwards that I would love to show if we all got together again. I hope anybody reading this from our year, will extend this list, as its great to hear what people have been up to in the last 18 years! You can see me at www. Congratulations and blessings to the newly married couple.

I just found out about the website. I have finished college and got a job with Goodyear, the Tire company, but to take this job I am moving to Holland , to the town of Tilburg. I finally managed to bite the bullet and got mine cut many years ago.

But I still have those black and white striped trousers!! After college I took early retirement for a little while he!!

I moved to London and have been here nearly 13 years now!! I also work fulltime as a driver on London Underground Piccadilly Line. But I will definitely make the 40th anniversary!!

But then…I think the whole year felt like that!! Anyway, take care all! I must say I was quite glad to see that there were no photos of me here as I looked back then — and then I saw me! Upon returning to Ireland I initially worked as a live sound engineer among other jobs , before establishing my own recording studio One Lazy Ear in After 6 years of producing music in a basement with no natural daylight, I moved to Barcelona to top-up on some much need natural vitamin D.

I am now the Creative Director for a music consulting company based in central London. I am still in touch with a couple of people from my class and hopefully I will be able to make the next class reunion. Now living and working in Bray — I work transporting people with disabilities and also helping people to start-up their own business. Would love to catch up with old friends! Well done, Bro Jim on the Website!!! I moved to England got a masters and was working in mobile communications that little phone in your pocket.

I later moved to California, Italy and Spain and finally back to Dublin. Or finally I thought, as two years ago I had the opportunity to move back to Spain and so now I live between Madrid the office and San Pedro de Alcantara the beach. I am married to Susan and we have two boys. I am delighted to see the updates on-line and to read of the successes of my many dear friends!

Well done to Bro. Jim for the effort!!! We left Maputo in just after Lucas was born and our next post, as luck would have it, was Dublin. Our time at St. Laurence was pretty special and the friendships we made carry on for life, one way or another. I look forward to catching up with you all over the years to come.

All the best, [Sept. It has been a very fast 19 years. I really have to say it is great to read up on you all and nice to hear all are doing so well since our departure. I am also doing well. I am very happily married to Laura. We have 2 children: Lily is 3 and Hugo is 6 weeks young. We are living in Kilcullen Co Kildare. I am now a logistician and have been in the industry for the last 14 years — great job very interesting. I really enjoy different challenges every day.

I would love to meet up at some stage for a chat. Please keep me posted on the next gathering. I got married to Brian in and moved to Canada. I have three children: I wish you all good health and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Jim thanks for the website information, great to hear from you. All my brothers are doing ok. I am dying to tell all of them about the website as soon as possible.

I am presently working for the Kuwait Fund reassessing the national water situation in Slovakia. My home is in Kent in England. I have married twice. Once in Ceylon in and secondly in Dublin in I would like to find an old shipmate of mine, W.

We served on the U. Thank you for a great web site. Stationed in Norfolk, VA Comments: I was gone for a while deployment, followed by a complete computer failure and tried your old address and came up with nothing! Thank God I found the link! The last several years out of Bangor, Wa. I think this is an excellent site. I have told several friends that want to know more about the Navy.

I am a Surface Warrior, have been for 19 years and counting. If there are any shipmates from the following commands and years, I would love to hear from you. Veterans Mobile Museum From: Served with following commands: Cordova, MD Comments: Good looking web page! Virginia Beach, VA Comments: Turned on to the site by fellow chief who was very impressed with it.

I retired with 30yrs last August Keep up the great work with this site. Gig Harbor, WA Comments: Found this site by accident. I served on the T. You have come far, and this step in your career will impact you forever. Whenever you feel depressed, downtrodden, step back and read your Creed.

I gain inspiration each day. Now, if I can only find the guy who stole my charge book, and threw it in the nurses locker room at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital!!!

Judge, for all the Boot Chiefs, and paying homage to my airdale roots, I recommend I served on several boats from a Seaman on the to COB on the The best part of submarine life is the people you serve with. They are the best. Proudly served from to at: Proudest day of my life was the day I put on my CPO uniform. Newport News, Va Comments: I know that it is the "Chief" in my title of Chief Warrant Officer that is a testimony of my proud roots in the enlisted community. Lots of good information.

Former shipmates feel free to contact me.

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