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Food Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants (FOLOS)

Online Orders Print Directly in the Kitchen!

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Multi-store e-commerce solution for on demand ordering and delivery
restaurant ordering system thesis
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The connection between these three systems is using the wireless intranet. The purpose of the web service is as the connector of the systems to connect them through to the database. First, before use the system, the manager or admin of the restaurant will register all the staff information into the system database.

For this system, the server database is placed separately with the mobile device and places it at the centre system of ROSIJMjS that is cashier system. Staff of the restaurant is representing as the waiter and the admin is representing as the manager of the restaurant.

The restaurant waiter can check orders and calculate bill orders for customers. On the other hand, the restaurant manager can register for new staff, update menu categories such as update item name, price or update items quantity, and also can check all the old orders.

On the mobile device client, the waiter can just take the customer order and save it into the database. By using mobile application, the waiter can take the order from the customer. The order will save into the database.

In the kitchen department, the screen will display the list of order by table number. After the order has been taken, the database will update the inventory by deducting the menu for each of the ordered. Then, the waiter will be alert if some of the menu is out of stock when take the new order.

Besides that, the previous order taken by the waiter will be saved to the database, so that the receptionist can check up and calculate the bill. With this database, the restaurant manager can know the transaction and also can control the operation and performance of the restaurant.

This system is using Microsoft Visual Studio as a platform to develop the cashier and kitchen interface of the system as long as for the mobile application by using the Visual Studio Phone Emulator to create the interface design. All the database of the system will be stored using Microsoft SQL Server By using mobile device, it helps to make the system possible to increase to overall productivity of an organization. The mobile device will have to communicate with other systems, which are the server database, the cashier, kitchen department and bar department.

Last but not least, this ROSUMA is ideal for all restaurants that have use the computerized order system at their restaurant before. This system needs the additional hardware to run it such as the mobile device and touch screen PC for cashier department, and a screen for kitchen department to display customers order lists. This is a low efficiency method, inconvenient and may contain mistakes.

This situation if it happen often, it may cause the customer had fed up to come again and this will cause the big impact for the restaurant.

By using Restaurant Ordering System Using Mobile Application, it makes the ordering system more efficiency and can help the manager to avoid human error and enhance the business developm, ent. Besides the efficiency service, by using this system it can gave a better quality service to customer and it will attract more customers to the restaurant to get this quality of services. This system is using mobile application to take orders.

The transaction between the waiter and the restaurant departments and also between waiter and the cashier will be systematic. Develop a restaurant ordering system with mobile application based on the client server application. Automate the manual ordering method using mobile and web service application. This system will only be use by the manager and the staffs of the restaurant. The manager of the restaurant can control the operation and performances of the restaurant. The staff is dividing by two.

One is the waiter, that takes the order for customer and the other one is the chef that works at kitchen department. The chef can see the order lists, sorting by table number that is display in the screen. It can help makes the ordering system more efficiency and avoid human error. For the administration, it can help the admin to manage the inventory throughout the system.

Microsoft Visual Studio is use as the platform to develop the systems with using the Visual Basic language. The most important thing is the Windows Mobile that must have in the mobile device to run the system successfully. Besides that, the connection between the mobile device and the other device are using the wireless network intranets Wi-Fl.

Below are the summary for all chapter in this thesis: Chapter 1 is the introduction. This chapter will discuss on introduction to the system.

The problem statement, objective and scope will be identified. Chapter 2 the literatures review. This chapter is discussing about all the research and literature review that related to the project. Chapter 3 is the methodology that will discuss the approach and framework for the project.

It explains about the method that is implemented while designing the system. Justification about hardware and software that used to develop the system will also be discussed.

Chapter 4 is an implementation that will show all document processes that involve in the development of this project, generally, this chapter explains about the designed project development. Chapter 5 is the result and conclusion. This chapter will discuss about the results and data analysis that had been acquired.

The result included result analysis, project limitation and suggestions for project enhancement. Chapter 6 is the conclusion part that will briefly summarize the overall developed project.

Usually there are two ways of taking order that use by many restaurants that is manual system and computerized system.

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What I propose is an online ordering system, which is a technique of ordering foods online applicable in any food delivery industry. The main advantage of my system is that it greatly simplifies the ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant.

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It is aself-service ordering system inrestaurants, especially in fast-food restaurants. 5. The chosen locale of this proposal is the Woodbridge PizzaParlor located in Quezon City. The said restaurant is known for itsvariety of flavors of pizza and pasta. The Restaurant Ordering System Using Mobile Application is designed for servers to be used in any restaurant The server of this system is represented by waiters of the restaurant itself. By using this system, the servers will take orders from the customers using wireless technology typically with .

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The purpose of this project is to develop an Online Fast Food Restaurant Ordering System. It is a system that enable customer of fast food restaurant to place their order online at any time and any place. The Online Food Order System application would have the following basic functions: Web Ordering System Module This module provides the functionality for customers to place their order and supply necessary details. Users of the system, namely restaurant customers, must be provided the following functionality: • Create an account.